Chandran Developers hitherto Chandran Real Estates is a decade old. It is administered by Mrs.S. Jayanthi Who has her roots traced to as the daughter of Shri K.Chndrasekaran of Sekaran Real Estates, Mylapore – the forerunner of the Real estate industry, who carved a niche in the map of south Chennai with land mark projects. She follows her father’s footsteps as the torch bearer of his traditions- simple, humble but strong steps and moving ahead.

What we do

We select larger extent of lands adjoining the developed areas preferably south Chennai which has the record of great appreciation in terms of quality and quantity. Areas adjoining East Coast Road and Old Mamallapuram Road (now the I.T hub) are the most preferred.

Only two authorities are empowered to approve the layouts under residential, commercial and Industrial Sectors. One is Chennai Metropolitan Development authority (CMDA) concerned with Chennai and Greater Chennai (includes the expanding suburban areas earmarked). The second is Director of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) which has control over the rest of Tamil Nadu beyond CMDA limits. All the other approvals do not have any recognition.
Our layouts come with CMDA approvals after passing through scrutiny by various arms of government.

What we get

We create an asset. You own a wealth. You can design your own house with best construction quality. Quality of construction is highly questionable in larger and smaller projects. You have no idea about what is inside and what may happen on ageing.

We maintain a good rapport with our people and a good will extends beyond business reflected by their calls they make even in their future investment.

Is that all

A dwelling unit is not a fast food to eat and forget. It is not a leased out property, Are you going to invest your hard earned money in a dwelling unit with a beautiful name selected from the choicest words of dictionary, Where the roof and floor do not belong to you.

Without giving you any further financial burden, we offer you individual plots for the same money where you own your address in letter and spirit.